Joseph- the Medium

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Fortune Telling


Professional fortune teller, who will empower you to move forward in your life path with a positive and productive motivation to reach your potential,I care greatly about my clients and I feel that their lives are part of mine. I work to the best of my ability to guide them on their journies… Other Specialties  
About My Services

Thank you for visiting my page…! When I give a reading I tap into my connection with Spirit and my clients energy and immediately begin seeing visions and hearing words. When I get a psychic hit I feel chill bumps and know that the information is vital to give. I feel the vibrations of unconditional love of Angels and the Spirit realm. I have been counseling people in psychic matters for years, as well as teaching development of psychic abilities. I do astrological charts, Tarot readings and psychic counseling. I use the gifts, I have to help those in need to redirect there paths and find the right course. It is Your Life and You deserve the best In Your World. I am very open will make every effort for you to feel at ease from the moment we speak! You will have a trusted Friend and Confident when confiding in me. Let me help you! Sometimes what we think is a rejection or disappointment from something good was actually spirit guides redirecting us to something better! I can help you move forward call me so we can take the Journey together! However there are those who call and only give FEW min and expect answers-then when they dont hear what they want or get what they want after asking too many questions they bash the reader---please give enough time to be ABLE to help with your issues as it does take some time to bring in the energies, visions, and guides with answers needed to help you. As you will not be disappointed in my abilities..! I hope to give you a better understanding and outlook for your future to give you faith for tomorrow.

Experience & Qualifications

I come by my gifts naturally, as my mother and grandmother were both readers. Also I have explored, over the years, many forms of connecting with spirit - I've given readings professionally for more than 12 years now, and on a personal level for many years before that. I am here to assist you in ways that offer insight into your particular situation. I offer in depth Readings! I dig for the details that you need to know to improve your personal situation and can provide personal guidance to make it easier to achieve your desires! My focus is You! I talk rather fast , so I don’t waste any of your time. I have genuine concern for every one I read for because I understand how difficult life can be at times. Whether it’s Romance, Money, Career , Family Issues, or anything that is troubling you It’s always easier when you have a friend to make you feel like you have the wind at your back! Trust me-- I understand the struggles you're going through. , let’s start now to help you improve your life!


It’s wise to obtain as much insight as you can when matters are confusing or frustrating or you just need some confirmation about a person, idea, your career, etc. In order for the information to be helpful to you on a higher plane, it needs to be assessed by a psychic like me.