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Fortune Telling



** NEW on Kasamba ** With my natural gifts, I have over 10 years of experience as a professional reader.I helped more than 8000 clients , guiding them to find the truth hidden under the veil of reality. Other Specialties  
About My Services

A reading concerning our future should open a dialogue with ourselves, help us to relate to our desires, difficulties, our resources and the obstacles that block our present. It is important to be ready to receive a vision of the future that can show possible results and paths, never forgetting that our powerful energy can always change the course of events. If what I will tell you with the reading is what you want to achieve then follow the advice received to maintain the conditions and ensure that what is expected will come true. If, on the other hand, the one required by the reading is not what you want then do everything to change the current conditions and try to reach a different outcome. This is the real way to face a prediction reading of the future, being fully aware of all aspects of reality but never feeling passive to events. You are more powerful than you think. Many people come to ask me to do or remove spells. I’m sorry but I do not believe in spells. Above all, I do not think it is possible that the causes of our problems could be spells. I believe in the power of rituals and in nature, which is our first mother and with whom we should connect more often. And I believe in the power of our deep, who already has the answers we seek.

Experience & Qualifications

I felt and discovered my natural gift when I was a young girl and I immediately realized I had a sensitivity that allows me to have full awareness of the past, the present and possible futures. I have always had a scientific approach that has helped me to develop my gift in a concrete and conscious way. I worked as a reader for some important platforms during the last 6 years and at the same time I never stopped studying tarot. I'm working on the creation of a deck card soon to be published!


My academic and professional experiences range from art to psychology and to the intense study of divination methods, with an anthropological approach.