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Fortune Telling


I will guide you trough your future, reveling what's next in your path, 20 years experience in the practice of Divination, I'm a Professional Psychic. Other Specialties  
About My Services

"Once upon a time ...in a perfect world" #nofairytalesorry If you are ready for the truth and not for a fairy tale happy ending , I'm a professional psychic fortune teller, I am able to tap into an unseen world. The world of thought, light, energy, and frequency, you want to know what's next in your life, what's news is coming, money, career, family, or love, how attract fortune, abundance, love you are in the right place. My name's Onikah I'm third generations born with the extraordinary ability to read energies. When you will chat with me ,I need you to stay focus on your question, or persons of interest, your peace of mind will help me to get tuned much deeper in the situation, I need name and dob as well.

Experience & Qualifications

Over 15 years of experience in Divination ,Tarot Reading and Psychic Meditation. Spiritual Coach certificate Master Degree in Psychology Meditation Guided Trainer I have been studied for all of my life the divination world , the spiritual aspects and as well the psychological side , I'm fully acknowledged about my gift and I'm helping people all over the world since more then 15 years.


Master Degree In Psychology, Master Certification in Tarot Reading, Master Certification in Spiritual Coach, Certification in Meditation Guide