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Fortune Telling


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A magical service which has been practiced for millennia. I will connect through the veil and please you yearning to know what the future has in store for you. Do you want a glimpse, even if it's solely for a few moments? Discover if the cosmic plan of your destiny lies in riches or ruins. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Whether through Tarot Cards, Tea Leaf Reading, Palmistry or Astrology, I will dive deep into the vessel of your being and uncover the truth and path ahead of you for your life and lifetimes to come. Take a deep breath, and dive into the mystery of your divine plan.

Experience & Qualifications

My experience as a cognitive support specialist focusing on mental health, Reiki healer and Spiritual Consultant taught me to recognize the blockages in our lives that keep us from living our best prosperous lives. By understanding your beliefs, perceptions and conditions, we can bring you the fortune you desire.


Reiki Certified Second Degree, Certified Cognitive Support Specialist, Bachelors of Science Food Science and Nutrition, Registered Holistic Nutritionist