About My Services

Your fortune can be around wealth, happiness, success, and wellness. Fortune telling has been done for generations and centers around sharing what good things are coming your way and how to make the most out of the good energy.

I am a multi-generational psychic medium with over a decade of experience. I provide evidential mediumship for those who want to communicate with their deceased loved ones. I also provide accurate psychic readings for love life, job life, home life and spirituality. I primarily use no tools but can also use Tarot, Tasseomancy, Pendulums and Crystals.

Experience & Qualifications

-62 week spiritual development mentorship -CDM healing 101 -Tarot and other various courses in person and online -Ministries courses -SEE 1 year program -Power of Seven & Colour Course through Colour Energy -Reiki Master training -Medium and spiritual development mentoring -Spiritualist Church Ministerial training


Various spiritual and metaphysical certificates and training.