About My Services

If your ready for a supportive psychic relationship, and honest readings, Call me! You aren't just a number to me and I will do my best to provide a good service, and support to you. I will help you, guide you, and support you to the very best of my ability. I will always be honest with you and tell you what I see openly. I will not judge you. Get to know me, you wont be disappointed. Develop the ability to shape the mold of your future in a more positive direction. Together we will build a healthier future! I seek to guide you past your confusion, to offer you a more clear, factual understanding of your situation. I offer spiritual, religious insight and general enlightenment. Receive real answers on any of the following; love, insight and direction, financial insight, career direction, and progress, family services, marriage services, I offer both insight on people, and pets. I offer both psychic, tarot readings and ministry service I am a licensed minister. I also have taught 8 years worth of metaphysical and tarot classes. I am honest. I am straightforward, I get to the point quick. I have documentation of every claim I make. I wont just say i'm good psychic. Ill show you. I type very quickly so please have your questions ready. I will tell it as it is good, or bad. Please be prepared for honesty Why pay more for less? Get the answers you need, quickly.

Experience & Qualifications

Come experience a reading like you have never had before! I am a honest psychic, good at what I do and very experienced.I offer both psychic readings, tarot readings and ministry service I am a licensed minister. I will tell it as it is good, or bad. Please be prepared for honesty Everything I tell you, and all else on these pages, is not to give advice or make decisions for you, but only to enlighten your journey to help you on your future paths. Please understand that the responsibility of making life decisions and choosing ones path rests entirely on you.I'm not a medium, nor do I connect to angels or those crossed over. I provide honest answers. Good or bad, you wont get any fluff from me. Im here to help you on your journey and to show you the outcomes of the choices your making. I want to help you, support you and encourage you. Your not alone on this journey. I strive to provide 5 star service, for you to have a deeper understanding and clearer path from our reading. Please understand the choices you make after our reading can influence the timing of things or the path ahead of you completely. Change the way you think and the things you think of will also change if you don’t like what’s meant to be, you can still change your reality and the outcome by changing the choices you are making and taking control. Ratings are appreciated, not expected but they are welcomed. Thank you for choosing my service, G-d bless you~


I am a Certified Professional Tarot Reader Platinum with the TCO. I am also certified by the TCBA I am a Licensed Minister~ I am a gifted, and caring psychic. I have guested on several radio shows, and contribute to a weekly television show advertising my psychic services. I have tested and certified many professional psychics. I have recently teamed up with TCO to continue doing the same! Professional TV and Radio Psychic.