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dating or living with someone who has no idea how to be themselves, feeling abandoned by the one who calls you their true love,perhaps it was never meant, perhaps all you need is to find the right one Other Specialties  
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When we are Intimate with one another , we are also intimate with ourselves. To be intimate with yourself also meant to surrender to who you are and how you look at yourself. The same applies in relationships too...we discuss the deeper parts through love and forgiveness and to go forward in trust and surrender in one's higher Consciousness.

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I have been working with many people and have pointed out that Intimacy does not necessarily relate to only relationships, but also to the deeper intimate spaces of your heart and the relationship with the self.. The heart is as of yet an unexplored territory because it is not only a place of love but also often experienced as a place of war. The fear of connecting with the self. How to understand emotions that are often in contradiction to the person who is experiencing this. I have been able to point out how one can bring more peace intimately within the awareness of the personality by tapping into the heart first.


Tarot reading,certification in emotional frequency Technique, Bachelors in Metaphysics,B.Msc.Certified in shamanism