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The close relationships and bonds that you have formed with yourself, Parents, Spouse, Children, Step family member, Cousin,Friend, Coworker, etc all play important roles in our lives. And sometimes we struggle with those intimate connections. Let's try to work out those knots together! Other Specialties  
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Those who struggle with a fear of intimacy have difficulty believing they are worthy of love and avoid others out of fear of rejection. Those on the other end of that struggle find it difficult to maintain their relationship with that person. It is all about balancing the negative and positive in your life. Let's resolve this together!

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I use my spirit guides to help me see all possible outcomes of a situation to best guide you in the right direction. In my 15 years of working professionally alongside my Mom, Psychic Emily Rose. I have read for hundreds of satisfied clients. I am a second generation psychic and look forward to sharing my gift from birth with you!


Psychology Major