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Intimacy is journey! And I am here to help you to get rid of any stagnation which could kill intimacy. I will help you understand the different types of intimacy. Whether you are looking for emotional intimacy, sexual, experimental or any other form, I will guide you and help you in your journey. Other Specialties  
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My expertise in this area is phenomenal. With my readings, I will be able to see your partner right away and I will help and guide you in understanding the intimacy level between you and your partner. I will also help you understand your partner's needs and help you understand what intimacy means to your partner as intimacy means different things to different people.

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I have helped many couples restore their relationship and bring back the excitement in the relationship that has disappeared. I have also helped many couples with fertility issues that they had and was able to give clear and accurate readings about the fertility status.


Bsc of Honours in Psychology with Counseling Skills