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My goal for each reading is to help my client connect with a deeper sense of self-empowerment so that they grasp their opportunities and discover their possibilities. My readings cover a broad spectrum of matters including home, finances, health and all aspects of relationships. To connect with my client i enter a meditative state where i sense my spiritual guide who channels through me to provide the answers. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Welcome to my Page… I have been a practicing psychic all my life, when you call you will experience a coming together of clairvoyance and a spiritual realization. My psychic ability extends to the following tools: tarot cards, astrology, numerology, angel readings, love& relationships and money. At a young age i learned to be able to see things other people could not and accept my cherish insights, which in return has helped me to be able to read your energies around you. All of us have a life journey to travel. Come travel your journey, let me help you open the doors around you, in order that you may grant yourself the gift of a better quality of life. The channels are then open to allow the energies to flow. The overall aim is to bring harmony to mind, body and spirit. Listening to someone, i am able to home in on them and pick up their vibe and identify what has been happening in their lives, give them a constructive guidance which they can then channel to positive outcome.

Experience & Qualifications

I inherited my psychic abilities from my mother and grandmother who were natural and gifted psychic clairvoyant. I first became aware of my gift a long time ago but did not start using it until about 12 years ago because i did not understand what it was. Dreams about families and friends that came true, signs that i get on my body that indicates whether am going to have a good or bad day. The fact that every time i think of someone, they would contact me; not a coincidence, it happens all the intuitive ability has been with me all my life,. I dedicate my time to helping and working with my clients. As a healer i attune myself to life's natural healing power and channel the divine energies of spirit and direct it accordingly within the body to restore balance and clear any blockages. I can channel faster for you. I look forward to reading for you and being a part of your journey….!


It’s wise to obtain as much insight as you can when matters are confusing or frustrating or you just need some confirmation about a person, idea, your career, etc. In order for the information to be helpful to you on a higher plane, it needs to be assessed by a psychic like me.