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Psychic readings & relationship counseling combined with astrology, numerology kabbalah and tarot! Honest, ethical, reliable and accurate. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I am a professional relationship counselor who uses astrology, numerology, the iching, kabbalah and tarot in my private practice. I can give you honest, reliable relationship advice using these powerful tools! I have 20+ years' experience in this field and have written and lectured extensively on the subject. My clients come from all over the world because I give them practical, honest insight, without all the cosmic mumbo jumbo... My readings emphasize free will and personal evolution; I present CHOICES to you as well as the FACTS.

I am an astrologer by trade and use astrology in all of my readings. Yes, I know -- there is a lot of bad astrology out there... but I do the real thing! In all my years of studying the various metaphysical disciplines, I have yet to find anything that comes close to astrology for not only describing -- in great detail -- the unique relationship paradigms for each individual, but to also providing timing for events.

If you prefer to wait until I have obtained and calculated yours and your loved one's astrology charts, please feel free! I will not ask you to press the "hire" button until the session is ready to begin. This usually takes less than 3 minutes and will greatly enhance our session.

If you find that I am not available, I invite you to email me to schedule a session or to let me know of your interest. Often I am right here but not signed on and will be happy to set something up at a time that is convenient for you.

I believe that all of my clients are sent to me for a reason, so look forward to learning what it is that you have come to teach me as well.

Blessings to you! Melodie

Experience & Qualifications

30 years' study and 25 years' professional experience using astrology and tarot. Full-time professional counselor, psychic and astrologer for Writer, author, lecturer, teacher.

Also available by appointment.


DBT Specialist, Dual Diagnosis Specialist, Relationship Counselor, Social Worker; Member AFAN, NCGR, ISAR.