Mystical Moon Goddess

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Expert in Kabbalah Tarot Readings. I can show you exacty where you are and where your going, any obstacles and what is ahead. Receive a FREE TAROT KABBALAH MEDITATION CARD AFTER EACH READING!!!! Other Specialties  
About My Services

Whether you need Advice, Answers or just want to talk I can and will help you. I've made a lifetime study of all things spiritual. Tarot is a great tool to use I have a Kabbalah Tarot deck that is very useful in pointing out what is around a person and how you can get the most out of your life and shows any negative * positive forces in your life. I am looking forward to using my Kabbalah deck to help you get on the path your meant to be on for the greatest amount of happiness, health and success. Blessings!

Experience & Qualifications

3rd Generation Psychic Medium, Kabbalah Tarot Reader & Seer, Gift of Insight and Compassion., Kabbalah courses, Have given numerous readings and enjoy sending my clients a meditation after each reading It's my way of saying thank you. I shuffle the Kabbalah deck and whatever card turns over i send to my client. Been doing this for over 25yrs