About My Services

I am natural born psychic with strong spiritual and clairvoyant abilities which helps me to see the things which appear either within your mind or external to yourself, I access my psychic ability using a regular Deck of playing cards, picture reading, psychic reading and astrology. I have been helping people from more than 10 years here and will continue to help people throughout the world.

You can expect me to answer things like:

When you will find true love.

How he/she feels towards you.

Who is your soul mate, and when he/she appears in your life?

When you will be getting married and how things will move in future.

Any other questions on love will be answered in detailed as well.

You can expect me to give productive reading without wasting time and no false hopes. I always feel happy to help my clients by understanding them and helping to come out of their issues and problems. I focus on giving detail and honest information which I see, will not tell anything to make you happy. I always guide towards having a happy and good future.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been helping people in different small areas from many years, and working here on kasamba from 10 years, I always look forward to learn new things and give more time for meditation and prayers to improve my skills and abilities.


I have a masters Degree in Business Administration, Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Natural Born Psychic, Tarot Reader, and Fortune Teller.