About My Services

Our lives center around our relationships with others, including not only our romantic partners, but also our friends and family. Regardless of whether your situation involves a significant other, a good friend, or a family member, gaining insight into the situation is very important in order to resolve any issues that may be disrupting the harmony between you and a person you love. Oftentimes, however, you may feel as if you're just too close to the situation to gauge things accurately, and that's where I can help. By looking at your circumstances from a totally different perspective, I am usually able to offer you a new viewpoint that can give you more understanding and knowledge regarding the issues that may be frustrating you and that may also be interfering with your ability to have a happier relationship with that special someone in your life.

Experience & Qualifications

I have many years of experience offering guidance to others in relationships of all kinds, especially the ones that are the most meaningful in our lives. By tuning into the situation with you, I can help you to gain more insight, which you may be able to use to free yourself -- and your loved one -- from repeating the same old patterns that just aren't working, possibly leading to a fresh start for the both of you.


I believe that our lives, our destinies, are partly determined by fate, as well as by the personal choices that we make. Therefore, none of us are completely at the mercy of mere chance, and a large part of what we become depends very much on empowering ourselves to make the best of what life brings our way, instead of viewing ourselves as nothing more than helpless victims of random events. As our lives unfold, many of the outcomes that we witness depend on the decisions that we make along the way, especially in the face of adversity.