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I am not your typical psychic reader. I dig deep and identify blind spots. I am an empath with 20+ years of experience in astrology and psychic readings. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I look for hidden secrets and identify blind spots making sure that your time and money are not wasted. I will help you understand why everything happens around you and give you the power to master every aspect of your relationship. I am compassionate yet honest and don't use complicated words. I use astrology manipulation to help you understand your partner. I can help guide you and give you the tools you need to identify the limits holding you back in your relationship. I will support you and give you honest guidance as you navigate through this journey. I truly believe that every relationship can be a success if we understand ourselves and understand our partner. I will show you how to feel in-sync with your partner, and how to utilize surrounding energies to understand your partner's hidden personality. Once you understand your true traits and where your partner's traits originate from, you will be able to channel them in a positive direction. You have power! It goes without saying of course, I have zero judgement, and this is a safe space!

Experience & Qualifications

I have been guiding people in their relationships for more than two decades. I specialize in diverting emotional pain and replacing it with comfort, peace and clarity. I still receive "Thank You!" calls and notes from clients that I helped many years ago who are living happily with their partners.


Naturally blessed since birth with 20+ years of practical experience