About My Services

Relationship and marriage issues are the worst part of life and dealing with such issues can bring someone down. Seeing the person you love walk away for no apparent reason is not easy. If you still have feelings and love for your partner, you can find out if there is still time for a reconnection. With my psychic abilities, I’m able to give you a forecast on what will happen in these tough situations and the best way forward. I can give you information on the potential of your relationship; whether it’s even worth fighting for and if yes, how to save your relationship.

Experience & Qualifications

I’m a natural born psychic , tarot reader, and fortune teller. I have been proudly helping and guiding people in all areas of life for many years. I have been a trusted Kasamba advisor for 10 years and counting. I am open to learning and seek time for meditation and prayers so that I can always improve my abilities and give you the best reading possible. I have a masters degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor degree in Computer Science. Although I have two degrees, my passion and connections to the spiritual world is so deep, that I prefer helping and guiding people to a better, happier path in life than use my degrees for a job that won’t fulfill me.


I have a masters Degree in Business Administration, Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Natural Born Psychic, Tarot Reader, and Fortune Teller.