About My Services

When a relationship falls apart, our minds race with so many questions: Is this really the end, or is this just temporary? Should I keep trying, or should I acknowledge the loss and move on? What is the other person thinking and feeling? How did things come to this point, and can it all be put back together somehow? Should it even be put back together, or is it time to start afresh with someone new? What does the future hold for me now? It's hard to get our bearings because so much of our life revolves around a relationship with a significant other that we're confronted with everything from the loss of our normal routine, to the loss of some of the dreams that we may have had, and even the loss of what may feel like part of our own identity. We are completely thrown out of our comfort zone, and it's important to clear the confusion as best we can in order to arrive at some answers for ourselves. I can help you to explore these and other aspects of a breakup so that you have a better idea of where you are right now and where you can expect yourself to be within the near future.

Experience & Qualifications

I have many years of experience in offering guidance to those in romantic relationships, and I can help to give you more insight into the situation between you and your love interest, as well as the most likely outcome. I tend to believe that we are guided more by our own decisions than we are by fate, and so no situation is hopeless if we are willing to apply ourselves by taking action(s) that will help us to determine our own destiny. And by understanding the situation that we are facing to the fullest extent possible, we can empower ourselves to do just that. I can be of support to you as you try to find your way through this very unsettling time, by helping you to discover the answers to your most important questions.


I believe that our lives, our destinies, are partly determined by fate, as well as by the personal choices that we make. Therefore, none of us are completely at the mercy of mere chance, and a large part of what we become depends very much on empowering ourselves to make the best of what life brings our way, instead of viewing ourselves as nothing more than helpless victims of random events. As our lives unfold, many of the outcomes that we witness depend on the decisions that we make along the way, especially in the face of adversity.