January Winters

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Breaking Up & Divorce



It can feel like an emotional roller coaster, allow me to help bring peace and understanding upon your situation. whether that be a break up from recent or far back, or even a divorce. I am here to help give you peace. Other Specialties  
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Feeling not in control of your own emotions, let alone the situation can be challenging. But I am here to help give you insight on the entire situation. Whether this be from recent or many moons ago. Having the answers to those questions can help provide you peace and even closure.

Experience & Qualifications

Patience is key with everything in life. Especially when it comes to break ups and divorces. I have been able to help enlighten people to find themselves again and re-gain control of themselves, their lives, and their emotions. I have helped people find their inner strength and re-build themselves and self confidence into finding peace within themselves and the situation.


Counseling, Therapy.