Lidia LaDelle

Specializing in: 

Breaking Up & Divorce



Don't Let your Relationship Slip away. Get in their head and get the truth. Timelines and Fast Typing. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I have been doing psychic readings for 10 years now. My readings are precise and provide detailed information to help you recognise the predictions on a later date. I have helped many people not only solve problems in different areas in their life, but also help people discover the unexpected. I have studied dream analysis, spirit guides and past lifes to help give your reading a personal touch.

Experience & Qualifications

P align=center>Clairvoyant Skills

This ability allows me to “see” and “hear” information. With this skill, it allows me to receive detailed and specific information about a situation.

With this skill I am about to:

. Name and/or initials
. Timelines
. Descriptions
. Outcomes
. Actions
. Advice and best course of action

Empathic skills

This ability allows me to “feel” what is going with a person. I step in to some else’s shoes and take on all their emotions.

While in this state I am able to:
. Find out what someone is thinking but might not be saying
. Find out what someone is really feeling about you or a situation
. Find out what someone wants or doesn’t want
. Find out why they are holding back, or what they may be hiding
. Find out what they plan to do next and what their intentions are

Note: This works for both the person I am reading for and the person that they want to know about. If you are resistant to a reading or trying to find fault in what I am saying, it will cause a blockage. When contacting me, please be open to what information I am giving you, testing a psychic or giving wrong information will immediately cause a psychic to become confused and stressed, not allowing them to be fully open to important information you should know about.

Client Feedback

I just had to write and tell you that WOW what you saw for ******* and me this month was bang on! You were the ONLY one to say that he would put off our "special" celebration till January and I just left him an hour ago and sure enough, he said too many plans for December and we'll do our celebration in January.