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Breaking Up & Divorce



Using my abilities and gifts of intuition, I will guide you to the right path. I am honest and straight to the point yet kind and compassionate. I will not sugar coat any reading and will give you the truth. Once our reading session starts, you will be my priority. I will help you find your soulmate and reach your goal. My aim is for you to be happy, I will re-direct negative energy away from you and help you channel your energy towards a positive direction. I do not use complicated words and will make sure that you understand everything I say. This is your story and I am here to help walk your journey in the right path. My abilities will connect with you pain and agony and help you make the right decisions. Other Specialties  
About My Services

My abilities and power will connect with your heartbreak and help you come out of this pain and agony. My readings are spot on and sometimes will be hurtful but they will be the truth that you need to hear. Once I give you the reading, it will be your choice on what to do. If you need help on what to do next, then I will be the best person to give you the advice you need because I connected with your situation. We can start the healing process, step by step and take it from there. I may give you some meditation homework to do depending on your situation and requirement.

Experience & Qualifications

I have helped so many clients get back together with their loved ones. I have also guided so many clients to move on and seek happiness with a different partner and they have never been happier. So many people have thanked me for my guide and visions. I still get thank you messages from people that I have helped years ago because they are finally happy


Clair-sentience and Clair-audience abilities along with Bsc of Honours in Psychology and Counseling Skills