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Breaking Up & Divorce



My goal is to help make your future clear and put a stop to your confusion take away depression, hurt and to clarify your doubts. i’m here to help navigate you through those sometimes rough waters * marriage problems* boyfriend and girlfriend troubles* questioning his/hers loyalty* and so on you have come to right place. i can guarantee all your questions will be answered. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I am a Natural Born Divinely Blessed Intuitive Reader - Blessed with Numerous Celestial Guides. My gift is to get deep into someone& subconscious to tell you what they are thinking, feeling and why they act the way they do. I work simply and clearly and rarely use tools.I work by connecting to my celestial guides. I am a TRANCE READER and use my celestial guides to show me in a view of your life and the ones you love. It is presented to me in sounds, in words & pictures with great vivid colour and detail.As I receive the information I am in a mild trance. My typing may seem erratic while this is being done and my sentences unfinished, but I will be partly conscience during the reading so that I may type and remember what was being told. Once I have come out of it - I will be able to discuss the meanings of what was said and provide clarification as well as solutions as my guides will be close by.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been doing readings for clients professionally for over years and working online here on live person for more than 2 years of time. I consider myself a holistic reader...focusing on the Divine, the person and the Spirit. Along with my educational background, I am a Gifted Intuitive Reader.i use several varieties of Tarot so if you have a particular style in mind you like used to do your reading just ask,i am also very in accurate using other tools of divination such as but not limited to: Astrology, Numerology, Dream Vision Interpretation, Past Life Regression or Future Life Progression,Remote Viewing and Energy Focusing.


I do have experience of study in Astrology, Numerology.Psychic Reading ....