Maggie-Lynn Guidance

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Breaking Up & Divorce


As a gifted psychic intuitive life coach for the past 5 decades, I have guided my clients to best outcomes by looking into the energy of their situations and letting them know if they are giving up too soon, or if it is time to let go. Let my gifts and your higher power help you navigate this difficult path. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Phone or chat readings available. I am a 5th generation born-psychic (on both my paternal and maternal sides) and have been a spiritual advisor for 5 decades. I am ¼ indigenous (First Nations). I'm empathic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. I access my insights via energy readings, my gifts, messages from my higher power/Universe, and spirit guides. My areas of specialization are love and relationships, career and finance, relaxation, and stress/anxiety management. I assist my callers to free themselves from blocks by arriving at the root cause of any baggage they may have been carrying from their life experiences.

Experience & Qualifications

I am not a medical (or legal) professional and, as such, I do not offer advice in these areas. I have education and life experience in the field of psychology and nutrition. I utilize my knowledge in these areas to propose healthy lifestyle choices when asked to do so. I never diagnose or prescribe any form of treatment. When offering lifestyle suggestions I always preface this advice with a warning to clients to first verify the benefits with a health care or nutrition specialist. I offer relaxation and guided meditation sessions for people who experience difficulty relaxing, sleeping, and controlling moderate anxiety. Life coaching and finding energy blocks are particular specialties. I have been nearly 50 years of experience offering spiritual guidance to my private clients and have a global client base.


Combined honors BA degree ongoing I am experimenting with pricing. I've dropped my price drastically to advantage those who have stricter budget.