About My Services

My gift was given to me from god. My spirits are ultra sensitive, that makes it easy for me to read others energies, this helps pick up emotions ,spirits, bodies ect... . I have a third eye, meaning I can see into your past,present and future. All of this is how I can give you the answers you need! please leave feedback, it's very helpful to others who seek my advice

Experience & Qualifications

Psychics Valentina Heart Specializing in Break ups and Divorce. I have 20 years expierence in being a world renowned psychic and the most common problem that I have helped or advised is break ups and divorces. I can look into your future to see if this is the right thing to do, or guide you in what you should do when getting a divorce or simply tell you the aftermath of it all. break ups and divorces can be quite scary and confuising when you do not know what to do, and your constanly asking yourself what will the future be like without this person in my life? how should I go about this? If I get a divorce what's going to happen to my family? Will I find love again? all these answers can be answered today! Hire Psychics Valentina Heart to help give you a peace of a mind!


I have over 20 years of experience. Have questions? Need answers? Call Valentina Heart today!