About My Services

*Detailed Reading* *No Timewasting* *Fast Connection* *Honest*

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"Excellent Reading, Amazing Really" "Outstanding reader, very intuitive. As well as extremely positive and friendly. Highly recommended!" "Sarah is an awesome reader and a very kind, positive and genuine person. She knows her stuff :) "Very fast typing, very polite and friendly." "Super Marvelous she is a great psychic I love the way she works! So helpfull, I never thought I would meet a psychic like her" "She is awesome and understanding." "Fantastic! The Best Reading" "Wonderfull, very very good!" "The connection was mind blowing" "I highly recommend Sarah, she is awesome!"

Experience & Qualifications

A natural born Psychic with clairaudient abilities. I use the Tarot as a tool to get insight and answers. Its amazing the level of detail I can get with the Tarot. How helpful it can be. I am delighted to use my abilities to help people in this way.

My clients want insight and they want answers. Especially in matters of the heart. I have the ability to be able to tell what another person is thinking and feeling and likely to do, with time frames. This is an ability I have used for many years as a professional reader.

My style of reading is honest. I will tell you the truth in what I see.

Genuine Psychic reading. No star signs or long winded sentences. No spells. No date of birth needed. First names only. See my feedback.

Disclaimer: By contacting me it shows that you understand and agree I am not responsible for your actions. 18+ only.


Tarot, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Bachelors Degree, Counseling studies.