About My Services

I offer a holistic approach to the problems in your life. I offer the answers to the Love and Money problems that are in your life. I utilize the Tarot cards as a focus and aid to my natural abilities. I am able to look and see the shape your future is taking. Worried what he or she is thinking? I can ease your pain! Read my ratings. I will treat your situation with empathy, sympathy, and love!

Experience & Qualifications

I have been reading Tarot cards professionally for 10 years. Helping you is my priority... I do want to warn you if you are looking for a reader that is going to lie to you to make you feel better it is not me. I will compassionately help you and try to find a solution to your problem, but it is my responsibility to present the cards honestly so, with that in mind, please read...

My code of ethics as a Professional Spiritual Counsellor *VERY IMPORTANT*

1. I use the Tarot as a multi-faceted instrument to to explore any personal and professional concerns you may have. Once we have discovered all aspects of these concerns, we will work together to find what actions and thoughts will help you make a positive transformation in your life. The Tarot is a powerful tool for discovery as well as personal growth. I intrepret the cards, based upon my years of experience, as well as my intuition.

2. Nothing in life is completely determined, and the Tarot only provides an overview of what is likely to happen. Any situation can be changed because we are all blessed with free will.

3. The Tarot is a highly symbolic tool. Cards are not limited to simply one definition. My goal is to use this tool to bring clarity and a sense of empowerment to your life, not to scare you, or assure you of my "Powers".

4. I am a Professional Tarot reader. I am not a Doctor, Lawyer, or Finacial Advisor. If you are in a emergency situation, I implore you to seek help from a professional in the relevant field. Scam artists exist in every field, and I urge you to avoid Tarot readers who claim that they can cast a spell to fix your life, or who offer to place a curse for you. Just like there are bad doctors, there are bad Tarot readers, Please use common sense when choosing either.

5. It is my pleasure to be able to serve you, and also it is a great responsibility, one that I take very seriously. I will treat you with warmth, and compassion. I will also treat you, and your situation with discretion, and do everything within my power to ensure your privacy. I will not pass judgement upon your life, or any future actions that you are planning to embark upon. I ask that you do not see me as an Oracle, or Seer. The Tarot is the Oracle, I am human, and therefore fallible. The Tarot cards do not compel anyone towards a certain action. You are the one who holds your future in your hands.

(This code of ethics was adapted from the one by Diane Wilkes presented in Professional Tarot by Christina Jette 2004 Llewellyn publishing.)


I have been around the cards all of my life. I was taught by my mother who has been reading cards for 45 years. I am a specialist at interpreting even the most difficult questions.