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Breaking Up & Divorce



Reclaim your Personal Power & Strength to release & let go of a relationship that no longer gives you the love & support that you rightly deserve. Other Specialties  
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Through authentic spiritual guidance, you will be assisted into releasing the emotional, mental and spiritual attachment you may have to a particular situation or relationship that's hindering and blocking you from moving on. This is your opportunity to reclaim your personal power, control and strength through finding inspiration, support, guidance and the answers waiting for you on how you can now start building your life. Find the insights on how you can release the past to start creating the space for your divine love to make their way into our life. Everything happens for a reason. Obtain the understanding that's now at your disposal on how you can now start creating the life that's rightfully yours. Your problems are there for a reason..Your setback can be setting you up to realize your greatest life potential. Please note: With all readings, youare still incharge of your destiny. you always have the Personal Power which is your free will to make the final decision and choice of the direction you want to take. No reading or consultation can ever take this away from you. Free will is always yours to use. Free ongoing support and assistance.

Experience & Qualifications

Eastern Astrology * Tarot * Numerology, * Dream Analysis, * Holistic Therapist * Light Energy Worker, * Distance Healing, * Life Coach. * Meditation, * Holistic and Herbal Health*


*PhD Metaphysical Science and Counseling, *Ordained Member of Metaphysics Ministry * Esoteric Psychology, * Spiritual and Esoteric Consultations. *Palmistry *Past Life Therapist*