About My Services

Sometimes doubts about a partner's fidelity are valid, and other times they are not. I can help you to determine whether or not your concerns are founded, or perhaps just related to some other underlying issue. If it is apparent that your partner is not being faithful, I can also be of support to you in deciding whether or not you would like to try to save the relationship, or instead sever your ties with this person and move forward with your life.

Experience & Qualifications

I am highly intuitive and have helped to guide many to a place of more clarity in their romantic relationships. I am very familiar with the common telltale signs that a partner is not being faithful, and together we can determine whether or not there may be a real basis for your concerns ... even if your partner is telling you that you are "just imagining things."


I believe that our lives, our destinies, are partly determined by fate, as well as by the personal choices that we make. Therefore, none of us are completely at the mercy of mere chance, and a large part of what we become depends very much on empowering ourselves to make the best of what life brings our way, instead of viewing ourselves as nothing more than helpless victims of random events. As our lives unfold, many of the outcomes that we witness depend on the decisions that we make along the way, especially in the face of adversity.