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Cheating & Affairs



My name is Carol, and in my record I have 25 long and experienced years as a spiritual life coach. I am also a published author and wrote a book about love and relationships. I can help you understand your choice of partners. Finding out your partner is cheating or having an affair can be devastating. You don't quite know how to cope with it. I can help you understand their behavior, how to accept the truth and how to move on together or alone. Other Specialties  
About My Services

At a young age, I was told by family and friends that I was extremely intuitive and had psychic abilities. I pursued this avenue and for many years have provided information that has changed my clients lives. I have helped my clients attain hope and joy. I am assuming you have contacted me, as you have questions that need to be answered. Why is he cheating on me? Why is she having this love affair? What will I do? I can answer your questions. I will not sugar coat any of my responses. I will be extremely honest and only bring the truth as I see it. My psychic abilities along with spiritual guidance have made for life-changing circumstances.

Experience & Qualifications

Over the years, I have used my psychic and perceptive abilities to help people find answers to all their relationship issues. Along this road, I realized that I had this special talent and began to use it. In addition, I have my graduate degree in psychology, which helps solidify my abilities as an expert advisor in order to help you with all your anxiety and fears about the future. Your questions will be answered.


MSW, LMSW, 3 years Post Graduate work as a doctoral candidate for a Ph.D in Pychology.