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Cheating & Affairs



I am here to give you the truth about your relationship, even if it hurts. I will not waste your time or your money. I will go straight to the point. If your partner is cheating on you, I will be able to see that right away and give you the truth. With only less than 40% of relationships surviving the unfortunate cheating and affairs situation, it is difficult to get into a perfect relationship. That's why I am here! I can help you survive and guide you to a successful relationship, with no cheating and only happiness. Other Specialties  
About My Services

My readings are accurate and sometimes brutal. But the truth is what you need to hear in order to succeed in your relationship. I will provide you with my reading and the rest is up to you. However, if advice is what you seek as well then I am the right person for you. A key element in solving this problem is looking at why your partner cheated. Whether you still want to stay with this person or you want to move on, the reasons for cheating must be understood in order to avoid them in the future. I will help you spot a cheater right away if you decide to continue your sessions with me. Once we start our session, you will be my priority, no distractions and no hard words used. It's a step by step process to reach your happiness and your perfect partner.

Experience & Qualifications

My readings have begun more than 20 years ago where I was able to tell things before they even happened. With time, the accuracy became more. I have helped many couples get it together and set them on the right track. I have also helped some leave their current partner because it was a toxic relationship. I have helped many find true love and get together with the right person. I still get "Thank You" notes from clients who have been living happily ever after for more than two decades.


Naturally blessed since birth. In addition, I have Bsc of Honours in Psychology with Counseling Skills