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** NEW on Kasamba ** Accurate psychic insight using clairvoyance, clearaudiance and The Voyager tarot, to accurately help you with finding your soulmate, and relationship questions or challenges. Other Specialties  
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26 years experience as a professional psychic, clairvoyant and tarot reader, I’ve also had training to hone in on my psychic skills and training in loving relationships. My approach to love, relationship and soulmate readings observes the following things I’ve discovered after doing thousands of readings over the years. 1 - We all have many soulmates. The one soulmate that we yearn to be with is our Divine Right Soulmate. This is the Soulmate that is most compatible with us. Then there is our Twin Flame. Sometimes these two are the same person, and sometimes they are not. 2 - Relationships occur because of either Karma, Destiny, Fate, Ego or our Free Choice. 3 - The timing of relationships happen either because of Soul Agreement, Destiny, Fate or You Working on You and your “Attractor Factor”. When I do a love and relationship reading for you, I will be looking at whether or not you are fated, destined, karmically bonded or you have free choice in any matter. As well as what you can do to change the current reality or the current trajectory of your future so you get to be happy in the relationship you desire. I believe this approach is necessary for accuracy. I also believe that you should never tell anyone extreme negative predictions because it is true that we create our own reality. While there is fate and destiny, there is also your ability to create a different outcome because you’re a creator. So, when I do my readings, I’m able to accurately help you determine what is fate and destiny so we can look at what your life lessons are. And what is up to you to create, and how to do that, so you get the outcome you want. I can also help you remove curses, limiting beliefs and negative energies and false cupid bites where you are attracted to the wrong person. Thank you for your consideration.. I hope we get to work together.

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26 Years Professional Psychic, Tarot Card Reader Diploma, Business Owner, Career and Business Strategy Advisor For Over 20 Years, Workshop Facilitator, Spiritual Guide, International Psychic Experience, Speaker


BA-5 Arts