About My Services

For most of us, having a good relationship with a romantic partner is one of the most important things in our lives. Whether you are already in an established relationship or else single and looking for the love of your life, I can offer you guidance regarding all of your questions and concerns. Talking with friends and family can sometimes be helpful, but more often than not, it's very difficult for them to be detached and talk about what you want for your life, as opposed to talking about what they want for your life -- even when they really do have your best interests at heart. As a more objective third party, I can give you insight into your situation that centers around you and your hopes and desires, and be of support to you as you explore what it is that you most need and want from a romantic relationship, without allowing my own wishes about your situation to bias our discussion in one direction or another. This gives you the freedom to be your real self and talk about what is truly most important to you, rather than having to edit or censor yourself in order to please someone else, when the conversation really should be all about you.

Experience & Qualifications

I have many years of experience in offering guidance to those in romantic relationships, and truly care about all of my clients' needs. I am highly intuitive as well as open to considering a situation from many different perspectives, which allows us to consider your circumstances from a number of different viewpoints. Working together, we can find the best answers possible to your most important concerns.


I believe that our lives, our destinies, are partly determined by fate, as well as by the personal choices that we make. Therefore, none of us are completely at the mercy of mere chance, and a large part of what we become depends very much on empowering ourselves to make the best of what life brings our way, instead of viewing ourselves as nothing more than helpless victims of random events. As our lives unfold, many of the outcomes that we witness depend on the decisions that we make along the way, especially in the face of adversity.