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Gay & Lesbian Friendly


it is in our human nature to be balanced within our sacred masculine and sacred feminine principals. both principals are within our soul.we are neither this nor that , but balanced in our uniqueness. Other Specialties  
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The truth of who you are from within your mind,body and soul is part of your soul journey.. As to the balance of male and female, both aspects exist inside ourselves. We cannot measure ourselves by the reflection of what we perceive, but by our actions towards our hearts, our selves. In Relationships The challenge in any relationship is how to find the middle path, the heart. Find peace within yourself no matter what your orientation is. Remember what is inside reflects outward. The soul identity is the key to being at peace in all levels. All spiritual work happens from within. Understanding the balance from inside will reflect outward in your life, in the same principal when you learn to understand how to create. It starts small and builds that fire of freedom.

Experience & Qualifications

As an Intuitive empathic Psychic, I have been giving advice to all people of diverse cultures and walks of life to empower themselves by the process of connecting them to themselves. The true Soul potential of realizing who they were, to explore beyond social and body identifying beliefs, with many who have come full circle in rejoicing in their true selves.


Tarot reading,certification in emotional frequency Technique, Bachelors inMetaphysics,B.Msc.Certified in shamanism