About My Services

I specialize in relationships of all kinds but particularly with those ‘crazy making’ and intense Twin Flame soulmate connections! I am a high level empath, medium and channel and have the ability to see, hear, know, feel and even smell things! I’ve been reading for over 28 years for people all over the world and have helped turn thousands of seemingly ‘hopeless’ situations into great outcomes. Whether with someone here, on the other side, your guides, pet communication, Ascended Masters, the Archangels or Spirit Itself, I can give you information to help you decide on which avenues would be the most beneficial for you to take to move your life forward. I am very gifted and experienced in working with energy. I will help shift the energy in situations to turn things around by reading the situation at it’s deepest level and getting to the truth of the matter or person. I can see it, read it, clear it and heal it. I read at the soul level which is much deeper than what's visible on the surface. I can communicate with your POI and receive words, thoughts and pictures to let you know how they’re feeling and what they’re thinking so that any ‘sideways’ energy can be cleared and shifted into a much higher expression. I have in-depth knowledge of the Universal Laws and the way Spirit works through over 35 years of concentrated spiritual study. I can easily see what’s going on behind the scenes despite their appearance. I will teach you how to clear and release what you don’t want so that you're empowered to turn it into what you do want. I am absolutely a non-judgemental, inspirational and compassionate reader. I am very often given humorous information to share with you. I can see your situation from a different perspective and will be able to present it to you in a way that makes sense and will give you a different or much clearer take on the situation. I am honest and will give you the truth... I may sugarcoat it a bit just to help it go down easier, but I will give you the truth. I don't beleive in doing any client a dis-service by telling them what they want to hear. My biggest wish is that you leave a session with me filled with peace, understanding, healing and optimism, feeling empowered to live the life you want to live with great results! I believe that the Universe always says “Yes” and that you’re in the driver’s seat, but remember “don’t look back...you’re not going that way!” So grab your notebook, your coffee or glass of wine, pull up a chair and settle into a very informative and life-changing chat! Wishing you lots of love and many blessings, and I hope to speak with you soon!! ** I understand it can be frustrating to wait until an advisor comes online to speak to them, or they're never online when it's convenient for you. Feel free to email or message me to request a special appointment time. I will accomodate whenever possible.** (Paid readings only)

Experience & Qualifications

I’m a Certified Thought Field Therapist and also a 3rd Year SOM Practitioner with over 35 years of concentrated spiritual study in various subjects. I’m a Reiki Level III practitioner and also use my own psychic reiki healing techniques. I have many natural healing gifts that will change the energy of any situation or your own emotions in whatever area of your life needs it. I have taken numerous Energy Clearing and Psychic Healing courses that enhance my own natural gifts, along with various Psychology courses on the human mind and human behavior which, together, enable me to discern people and situations quickly and very accurately. I have developed a Theta Level Energy Clearing technique that allows a subject to get to the root of what needs clearing which is extremely effective that I have used with many clients. I am able to do distance healing and energy clearing as well as communicate messages to your POI or anyone you would like telepathically. As a Spiritual Life Coach, I work with hundreds of clients to bring things into alignment with their highest and best good. I also regularly work with clients, one-on-one or in groups, providing Intuitive Enhancement sessions that help other gifted people discover and develop their own abilities, many of whom have gone on to have successful businesses of their own in the Spiritual and Life Coaching areas.


Certified TFT Therapist / 3rd Year SOM Practitioner / Reiki Level III Practitioner