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My goals are to help you navigate your love life, not just with another person, but by navigating your love for yourself to get you the best outcome for your love life. Everyone is welcome. Other Specialties  
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Love. Family. Life. Career. Free will is something we should all use, and during my sessions, it is my goal to help guide you to be your most empowered self and to keep your energy focused on what will bring about the most positive outcome. I started studying tarot 21 years ago, while I was a teenager growing up near the beach in central New Jersey and ever since then, have read for people all over the world. My reads are warm and compassionate, but also realistic, practical, and honest, because I want you to be able to keep on point with the best version of yourself, and your highest path. I'm able to answer a variety of questions and give intuitive insight into your energy, then guide you to what actions you might best take in any given situation, whether it's relationships, spiritual matters, or career. Please note that if you ask me on a future event, my cards will likely dispense advice on what you should do to get the best result, because again, we all have free will and how you focus your energy can influence a specific outcome. The only questions I won't do are on past life, dream interpretation, or health. If you're having health issues, I encourage you to seek out a professional. Other than that, anything goes!

Experience & Qualifications

-Claircognizance -Clairempathy -Intuitive Tarot Metaphysical Counselling -Seventeen plus years experience studying tarot -Life coach -Specializes in love and spiritual guidance. -International clientele


BA English/MFA Writing