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Gay & Lesbian Friendly



Compassionate and detailed. Whatever area, I am here to help guide you. Timelines and Fast Type Other Specialties  
About My Services

***Proud Supporter of the LGBT Community***

Natural born Psychic and proudly Canadian, I have successfully provided accurate predictions for over 8000 people as a Kasamba Expert

"Very straight forward, will explain with reasons, she seen accurately my past and I believe in her prediction thanks again."

I give my readings in “storyline” format and cover all aspects of your situation. Including, detailed descriptions (names, initials, physical and locations), timelines, future actions and events, outcomes and advice.

“So.. that was out of this world. She said word by word what someone told me. I have goose bumps. That was actually scary. For her predictions - no idea if this will come to pass. Looking forwards to it!! Thank you Lidia anyway you are GREAT! Xxx”

My Empathic Skills get to the heart of the situation. Reveal the feeling and intentions of any third party by tapping in to their subconscious. Uncover secrets, core issues and a clear plan of action for your desired outcome.

“She predicted in April (without any question on that subject) someone will change job scene , just heard that news!”

My Clairvoyant Skills get the details. This ability allows me to “see” and “hear” specific information about a situation. Timelines can be predicted within a week of a specific month.

Experience & Qualifications

- Professional Psychic Reader for 15 Years. - Worked for creditable websites and phone companies. - Top Rated Expert for 13 years on Kasamba - Tarot Teacher - Assistant Yoga Teacher - Hypnotherapist - Writer, articles have appeared in such publications as "Fate Magazine"