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I am a natural born Psychic Blessed at birth with the ability to see Past, Present and Future. I advise in gays and lesbian relations. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I believe in the “life clearing” method. Throughout our lives we are constantly clearing energy, much like we would clean out our closets. When energies no longer serve us,we need to remove them and make room. During this process, we might feel emotional, psychic,or even physical pain until these energies are dealt with. I am here to help you determine what these unwanted energies or issues are and help you move gently through them. Guided by spirit, I help you to identify the dominate issues in your life (even if you are unconscious about them) and expose the energy surrounding them, bringing to the surface the energy, blocks, or shields. This helps you to release and let go, which allows you to create space and clarity where confusion and pain once lived. We look at all angles of your life lessons so that you can easily accomplish clarity and direction. I work with you and not on you. As we access your life stories we will allow for them to unfold and reveal your next step on your spiritual growth (all areas of your life are about your spirit). Energy movement and healing can happen instantaneously. Whether it’s your money, relationship or health, you must first start with your SPIRIT. Everything is created in spirit first! Gain clarity on what you are creating and how that will affect your life’s direction. It’s not just about the woo-woo! It’s dealing with real life issues from real perspectives, bringing you from pain and suffering to peace and freedom. There are whole new worlds of opportunities available for you to discover; learn to make peace with the painful stories and put them behind you. You need the confidence in order to create your dynamic life. There are many paths that can be taken on the road to your healing. There once was a wise man that said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. It is sound advice, even today. So let’s take that first step together

Experience & Qualifications

I come from long line of spiritually gifted people. Have been a spiritual counselor as long as i can remember I have successfully helped thousands of people connect to there own spiritual Guides.I have read for people all over the world and have worked in many psychic lines, My gift is my passion my way of life is to help and guide people in their time of need.


4th generation psychic and spiritual reader