About My Services

**Ashley Insights**

I am a Natural born psychic and aura healer with strong believes in powers and I have practiced reading people career, love, health and finances to help others with healing and to improve their aura energy level and also I have very strong and good perspective to make your future stable and positive, I have abilities to look into your future and help you out with your issues (love & career). I have been helping people from different places and I am more confident and stronger with my powers and abilities as I am more experienced now and I can give detailed insight and I will be very honest and clear to you. I will not be giving any false hopes or keep you in dark, I will let you know what ever I see, there will be no sugar coating and no repetition in my reading. Contact me now to get detailed insight. I can do reading via email as well as live chat and soon I will be with phone sessions. I will not be wasting your time by repeating things or give indirect answers. I have very good typing speed and no false hopes. So stop wondering and contact me now to get answers for your questions.

I am here to reunite lovers

Ashley Insights

Experience & Qualifications

I have abilities to read tarot cards and astrology from 15 year, I am working as psychic from five years , initially I started reading for my friends and relatives and later I started working for others and helping in their love life and work issues and even I perform Prayers ,aura Healing, Crystal healing and Spell casting. Previously I use to have my own to work for my organization as a web designer and e-pub.


I am Natural Born psychic, Certified Tarot Reader, Customer relationship management, E-pub.