About My Services

The journey of marital life is depicted in Greek history as the Eternal wedding of two equal opposite forces in constant motion in balance. Both always meet in the middle of the heavens and the earth.This is called the Horizon. The Horizon is also the Heart. The Universe requires two of which one is to rule the heavens and one to rule the earth. Taking turns in this sacred balance is what is required , to be more fluid in yourself. This means that that I can point out to you where you may have been feeling stuck or trapped in yourself. Remember that the heart is the first part of the journey that requires to be tapped into. Love requires balance and a sense of wholeness, to be loved for who you are , starts with who you are for yourself first, before you expect another to surrender themselves for you. we explore ourselves through one another. Personal happiness is a choice, celebrate your identity ! Celebrate this sacred union of the heavens and the earth with more trust in who you are.

Experience & Qualifications

I have used the journey of the soul through shamanic soul retrieval technique intuitively and sacred contracts to assist many couples, married and unmarried. Soul Retrieval technique requires each couple to work on a set of deeper emotional connections with regards as to who they are personally and how they are related to one another through this union. Marital life also relates to the sacred union one has with oneself, the balance of the sacred masculine and feminine principals.


Tarot reading,certification in emotional frequency Technique, Metaphysics,B.Msc. certified in shamanism