Mystical Moon Goddess

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Marital Life



Compassionate Psychic Sensitive, Empathic Seer. I specialize Marital Relationships. Born with psychic abilities & my love of Tarot, my guides we can help you! Beware we also through the help of our guides I have an ability to help you in even the most difficult aspects of your life. Contact with open mind and heart Other Specialties  
About My Services

Whether it be "Should I stay married to him/her?" "Is he/she faithful?" "should I throw in the towel?" Whatever your question pertaining to you marriage or relationship, I can help. I'm exact & deliver quick typing insightful information so have pen and paper ready! I decided after High School to go to beauty school, during this time clients would freely talk to me about very personal things in there lives, relationships, marriage issues etc. I was constantly giving myself readings at night and was ready for each day and always gave them great insight and found i had a lot of repeat clients and they were giving me great compliments not only on there hair but also on my insight and advice. One patron told me that I was in the wrong profession and that I should be a 'light worker". I will never forget that moment. That was a definite AHA moment for me. "cut" to the present, I'm so blessed to be a spiritual advisor here to help you! Relax and unwind and treat yourself to a reading today!

Experience & Qualifications

I have both private and online experience. 100's of five star ratings. Blessed with God given gift of empathy, compassion to read the tarot and see images and feel energetically what is going on with a person. I pick up and connect with energetic vibration quickly. Been a Empathic sensitive most all of my life, I can sense things before they happen.