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Gain wisdom, truth, deeper connection & understanding in your relationship. Go in your partner's mind and spirit to understand what makes them tick. Other Specialties  
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Free Ongoing Support By understanding and obtaining insights into your partner's mind and spirit you are able to connect on a deeper spiritual level with them. This enables you to find a deeper connection and growth in your relationship. More happiness and the ability to know how to handle them when you know what makes them tick. Create a relationship that supports your growth, develops your inspiration and helps you to evolve to your greatest yet to be. Find guidance and illumination to inner peace, enlightened mind with the understanding needed to provide you with the answers to your most pressing questions....I can assist you on how to start getting the results and success on what you are trying to accomplish. **PLEASE NOTE: With all readings, you are still incharge of your destiny. you always have the Personal Power which is your free will to make the final decision and choice of the direction you want to take. no reading or consultation can ever take this away from you. Free will is always yours to use. FREE ongoing support and assistance

Experience & Qualifications

* Eastern Astrology, * Tarot * Numerology, * Dream Analysis, * Holistic Therapist * Light Energy Worker, * Distance Healing, * Life Coach. * Meditation, * Holistic and Herbal Health*


*PhD Metaphysical Science and Counseling, *Ordained Member of Metaphysics Ministry * Esoteric Psychology, * Spiritual and Esoteric Consultations. *Palmistry *Past Life Therapist*