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Marital Life



** NEW on Kasamba ** Are you having questions about your marriage? Through tarot and with the guides and angels we can discover together the key towards your successful life and partnership. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I am happy to help you on your marriage by connecting you to the truth of your situation; and offering guidance as directed by my tarot and oracle cards. I am empathic and intuitive and can feel to the heart of the situation that you are experiencing; connecting to you from even many miles away. I seek to bring good to each person I read for but always share absolute truth as I am given and take my readings seriously. I make sure my clients are satisfied and self assured going forward even if you receive confirmation on your fears; I will guide you by receiving angelic and divine guidance on how to move forward on the path of love and self-love and empowerment.

Experience & Qualifications

I have over 10 years experience reading on romantic relationships and have a high success and satisfaction rate with my clients. I am very experienced using tarot and oracle cards. I am a natural empath and intutive able to connect to the heart of any situation; particularly emotionally charged topics such as relationships. I have been working with individuals regarding their relationships for years now and aim to bring truth and clarity to every client so that they may go forward; with the answers they need. As an empath I can feel to the heart of your relationship and figure out what makes it tick; what needs to be done to have it prosper or what habits or actions need to be left behind. With my expertise in connection and your willingness to open yourself up to hidden truths we can bring you more into alignment for your highest good and pure and blissful love!


Usui Reiki Master and Teacher