About My Services

I am a certified Intuitive Shaman and life Counselor, I will assist and give guidance in how to listen with your heart. The psychology of a parent and a child is the most important aspect in today's age. The very foundation for the development for the child and the parent requires a more unique approach to handle all social and deep rooted issues. Let me assist you to learn how to understand the processes of how to speak,learn to observe and understand your child and also your ability as a parent.It is vital to know that you are the boundaries for your child,these boundaries are the secure arms that hold the child to grow and fulfill their dreams and their future life path going forward. To bridge the passage between the silence and to also heal your inner child. Communication is vital to ensure healing and the future. Our children are our future, we owe it to them. what you will expect from me is a thorough explanation of how to understand the details of the parent and child relationship. Expect some guidelines to understand the following: * A child who knows and can understand healthy emotions will have healthy awareness to understand themselves in life. *Understand that communication and exploring linguistics with your child will promote healthy emotional development. *Be more optimistic towards yourself as a parent, and this will blossom in your child in their social environment. A healthy emotional connected parent's involvement will also strengthen the education of your child's academic and day to day skills. Understand that what you do now to ensure the healthy love bond with your child is also a part of self healing of your childhood. It is important to look at the deeper nature of your reality, in your life and in the relationship with yourself. Learn to build knowledge to observe that the very fundamental relationship with the self is often played out in the closest relationships that we have such as with your child. this is where your inner child energy will surface. Parents and Children relationships are complex but also emotional and deeply spiritual. It is very improtant to know that even though you may not feel that you have the power to wor with your child, that you have the strength and the ability to carry it forward in a more emotional level of connection and this would require you to look deeply also into your own heart to know , that you are worthy of bringing forward a strong loving balanced and healthy child. Feeling whole will make you feel happy in the end of this day. you are worth it!

Experience & Qualifications

I have 20 years of unique experience in intuitive psychic spiritual emotional counseling in shamanism, tarot readings,dream interpretations, metaphysical soul assistance. Soul journey interpretations and internal guidance towards the wholeness of the authentic self, become empowered in you


Tarot reading,certification in emotional frequency-technique,Metaphysics,B.Msc, Certified in Shamanism