About My Services

1) Psychic Tarot Readings, combinations of Tarot readings and psychic readings as well. 2) Angel card Guidance for positive outlook of a troublesome situation. 3) Dream interpretation - as per the sign and symbols of your dream, i try to understand and analyse your dream to give best results. 4) love and relationship advice as per tarot and angel cards. 5) Graphology - it gives insights about your personality analyses and situations that can be rectified using your handwriting analysis. 6) Numerologist - in depth understanding of numbers, dates, family planning, lucky numbers.

Experience & Qualifications

As I started in 2008, Tarot connected me with people from all walks of life from a teenager to a 70 year old granny who was concerned about the health and well being of her children, age is just a number, dealing with problems on a personal level has also helped me solve problems for others as well. It has been more than 11 years of Work experience since 2008 to currently. i am a BA,MA and Phd in Human Sciences as a Life Coach to understand human behaviour and do better in terms of understanding human issues and problems. i have certification in Numerology, tarot, Meditation, Angel therapy, spiritual healer, graphology and a little understanding of the Crystal ball gazing as well, color therapy, crystal healings, Gratitude follower, psychic knowledge, aura reading, photo readings , auto writing and more. I love learning and always trying other occult sciences to enhance my own knowledge and experimenting with other sciences has always charmed me towards learning and developing better skills. On my journey as a Tarot reader, i have interacted with more than 30,000 people and counting, i love to interact with people and understand their problems as mine and give them best possible solutions as a guide and as a friend to benefit them towards a better life ahead.


PHD in Life Coaching, PG in tarot, Diploma in Numerology, certification in angel card reading,