Mystical Moon Goddess

Specializing in: 

Parents & Children



3rd Generation Psychic Sensitive~ I can help you to better understand your child/parent, so that the communication and love can flow. I can bring uplifting informative insights and advise to help strengthen the bond and love for you and your family today! Other Specialties  
About My Services

Having a difficult time talking to your children or a parent? I connect quickly to your energetic vibration and can feel what is going on. I get images and with my tools, tarot and guides, I can help you over come these obstacles and communication gaps. I can bring healing into these delicate relationships that are directly effecting our health and well being. Let me help you better understand your loved ones through going in and seeing what they are feeling / thinking. My goal is to help you have more meaningful moments with your loved ones and to help strengthen and deepen the relationship!

Experience & Qualifications

3rd Generation Psychic/Intuitive Healer,Remote Viewer, Empathic, Gift of Insight and Compassion. Parent and Daugther, and use my abilities and insight to strengthen and deepen my own and others in there personal relationships that are so vital to our health and well being.