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Being a Parent is a Job in itself that can be rewarding if there is a connection sometimes we can feel disconnected with ourselves and our surroundings whether that be parents or children its nothing that can not be fixed I can give you great knowledge and a solution My gift was given to me from god. My spirits are ultra sensitive, that makes it easy for me to read others energies, this helps pick up emotions ,spirits, bodies ect... . I have a third eye, meaning I can see into your past,present and future. All of this is how I can give you the answers you need! please leave feedback, it's very helpful to others who seek my advice

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Psychics Valentina Heart Specializing in Spirituality and Religion,love and relationships,breaking up and divorce,soulmate connections, tarot readings ,crystal readings, fortune telling, pet psychic,reaching beyond, dream analysis,marital life, parents and children, single and dating ,career forecast,palm reading, spell casting, I am a Clairvoyant,Spiritual Coach,Love Specialist. In my 20 years I have saved .lives .businesses .marriages .relationships .broken homes .financial matters .addictions .ect.. My intuitivness has faild no one. All others seek my help now you can too. My god given powers can solve all your deepest problems. Are you worried that she/he is unfaithful? Will your hard work pay off? Am I on the right path to success? Is my true love out there? Where will I be in the future? Will my beliefs get in between my relationship? Do I have a angel looking over me? Will my spirit guides find me my true love ? Can I trust this person? I can answer all your questions Call today for a better tommorow!


I have over 20 years of experience. Have questions? Need answers? Call Valentina Heart today!