Sascha White Owl

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Parents & Children



Caring for children is tricky, they don't always say what they want and as a parent you're often expected to read their mind! I can help you by working with spirit to find out the best path for your children. Other Specialties  
About My Services

As a parent, you want the best for your children and your family, it isn't always easy to be thinking of everyone especially when life gets busy. Sometimes it helps to know what your children are feeling and communicating. Whether you want to know what's best for your child, or find out how you could help them along their journey as a parent, I can help you tune into knowing the correct path. My readings will help you get clarity, purpose, spiritual healing, inspiration and re-assurance.

Experience & Qualifications

I have a lot of experience helping clients during many stages of parenting whether it is caring for a new born, looking after small children, caring for young adult children, teenagers or grown up adults. I have helped parents with communication breakdowns between themselves and their children, I have helped them understand complicated issues regarding distance between their children and other family members.


2018 HONOURS ARTS, UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND Honours degree in performing arts and psychoanalysis. The thesis I wrote specialized in Carl Jung’s shadow theory and the spiritual exploration of the male and female psyche through performance and theory. 2016 BACHELOR OF ARTS, UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND Coursework included English, Drama, Australian Indigenous studies, Shamanism and various spiritual studies such as Chinese animal symbols, Japanese Kabuki and Noh theatre and Greek mythology through performance and theory. 2007 CERTIFICATE III IN FITNESS AND HEALTH, FITNESS INSTITUTE OF AUSTRALIA This course taught the ins-and-outs of exercise instruction and programming, while studying anatomy, physiology, and healthy, nutritional guidelines. Importantly, this training taught the significance of mentoring, counselling and support while clients enter mental and physical challenges during intense fitness and health transformations.