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** NEW on Kasamba ** Do you need to understand or help your child (or children), or, are you wanting to understand your own parents better? I am not only an experienced licensed teacher but I also have a degree in psychology as well! I use my professional background in education and crisis counseling to support my work as a God-Centered 6th sensory telepathic communicator (Mind to Mind Communicator) adviser and Oracle card reader. I love teaching and mentoring and I know and understand the hearts and minds of your child(ren) and teens impressively well! I am here to assist you as a parent, guardian or involved relative to figure out not only what your child or teens gifts are but what his or her challenges in life are as well! I can help you understand them and them to understand you! I can tap in telepathically and help you understand how to best communicate, and parent, in a way that helps you to ensure that he or she lives a prosperous and healthy lifestyle full of success and happiness. Other Specialties  
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They say that we chose our parents; but that is not always true. They also say that our parents agree to be our parents so that we can learn the lesson we came here to learn; or to clear the Karma that we might have from other incarnations.
I am blessed with a powerful gift of being a clear God-centered six-sensory telepathic (mind to mind) communicator and psychic medium. As a experienced teacher, crisis counselor, spiritual and life-path mentor, I have spent over 50 years helping parents understand their children and children understand their parents.
I will quickly assist you in finding and understanding the true-core answers to your questions as to what is really going on in your and your child's life or vise versa!

Experience & Qualifications

I am a published author and a talk-radio show host, workshop/retreat facilitator and have received formal training. I am certified in many alternative health-centered modalities which include: therapeutic aromatherapy, foot and hand reflexology, quantum touch energetic healing, herbology, flower essences therapy, and certified crisis-intervention counseling.


B.A. in Psychology and an M.S. in Education of The Gifted.