About My Services

Aaah... Welcome dear one, precious child of God. Tell me your concerns and your goals. Let's discuss dissolving worry, fear, and doubt in the abundant ocean of God's love. Let's discuss embracing a life of clarity and authenticity and setting empowering intentions. Let's discuss opening your mind, heart, and soul to receive all of God's blessings. Allow me to guide you through your love life challenges. Let's uncover the life lessons provided by your challenges.Share with me the joy of your blessings and the emotions of your challenges. Allow me to hear about your skills and talents. Allow me to guide your next step to create more love abundance in your life using your blessed talents. Please contact me. I am eager to be of service to you. Allow me to guide you to your love abundance. Allow me to guide you to empowerment and strength so that you are strong enough to embrace all of the abundance lining up for you. You are a blessed being. Allow me to search for the key to unlock your stuck path. Release your repetitive patterns and allow me to give you direction and guidance towards the key to opening the door to a happy, abundant, fun filled life. I am eager to inspire you to claim a life of love, ease, grace, authenticity, abundance, peace, and serenity. You are precious! You are blessed! Contact me! Let's get you going toward more, more, and more abundant living. Peace and Blessings!

Experience & Qualifications

I advise one of Kasamba's beloved advisors and was advised and encouraged by her to be of service on a broader scale here with Kasamba members. I attend self help meetings and my feedback to participants at these meetings has gotten me the label of "inspirer". I am blessed with the gift of seeing every situation, no matter how challenging, as an opportunity for growth. God's journey for me so far has included adventures in film work, television work, music work, art work, 12 step work, and the work. I was first introduced to God through the bible at Catholic church and school. More recently I have enhanced my God connection through science of mind, yoga, and meditation. I have experienced many of life's adventures. At one point keeping 9 part time jobs going all at once. Aaah sweet abundance! I have a beautiful rescue cat. I am a feral cat manager. I am an ethical vegetarian. I am blessed!


Associates Degree in Arts and Sciences