Mystical Moon Goddess

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Single & Dating



Psychic Medium. No birth date needed. With my ability to see, feel and hear I connect quickly and type fast! I use tarot and my guides to confirm what I see. Beware we only tell the truth! No Sugar Coating! Have pen and paper ready! Other Specialties  
About My Services

It can be very overwhelming and confusing in today's world to really know some one and tell if they are being real with you. To help you not waste time in the dating field, being an empathic sensitive, I can share with you information about who ever you wish to know about so you can decide for yourself if you should pursue, or, throw in the towel. I can see if someone will be coming into your life and share any and all information that coms to me. I do use my tarot and guides to assist in all readings. I'm very connected and type quickly and the information i share is informative quote "spot on" many clients have shared this in their own authentic way. If I didn't feel I was helping people I wouldn't continue to do this work, which I feel is my life's work. You will leave your reading with me feeling more empowered so you can properly access your situation and make the right choice that is best for you on your journey in this life which can be so very confusing at times.

Experience & Qualifications

3rd Generation Psychic Medium, I have the gift of Insight and Compassion. I've studied Astrology, Numerology and read Tarot for nearly 20 yrs. My guides are always with me and constantly sharing with me info about my life and others. Blessed gift of Intuition and Insight. Aromatherapist for 25yrs,