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FREE ONGOING SUPPORT - I'm authentic, with deep compassion, insights and understanding to what maybe troubling you in your life. I have highly intuitive abilities which have been harnessed and used from a very young age to heal, enlighten, empower, teach and illuminate the path for those who can not see or find their way out of their dilemmas. Through connecting with your energy, natural vibrations, your situation and those around you, I can offer insights with in depth understanding, honesty and compassion. You will have the free will, to utilize to enable you to pave your way forward with ease and better understanding of your dilemma and most importantly, you will have the inner strength to act with Wisdom and self Mastery. In life, sometimes we lose our footing along our path as we take missteps along a path that is too long, dark and lonely to walk alone. There is light, hope, peace, growth and above all, transformation, empowerment, insights and happiness that is our divine calling. Each consultation will aim to guide you on your path - giving you a better understanding, obtain personal growth and empowerment. Guidance and illumination to inner peace, enlightened mind with the understanding needed to provide you with the answers to your most pressing questions. Our setbacks can sometimes set us up to recognize a better way to rise, and achieve what's calling out to our heart, soul and spirit towards a better vision and highest potential. PLEASE NOTE: With all readings, YOU are still in-charge of your destiny. YOU always have the Personal Power which is your free will to make the final decision and choice of the direction you want to take. NO reading or consultation can ever take this away from you. I seek and aim only to encourage, enlighten, empower and help you to realize your full highest potential. -- ABOUT ME - I'm an Intuitive Esoteric Consultant with a PhD in Metaphysics Science and holds Degrees in Esoteric Psychology and Counseling. As an Intuitive transformational Counselor and Therapist, I'm actively involved in matters which Empower, Enlighten and Heighten people's life experiences. I have worked with individuals, couples and groups in different aspects of psychic development, self mastery, spiritual growth and relationship empowerment for the past 20 years. There is no real healing without a personal connection.

Experience & Qualifications

For over 20 years I have been assisting others who can not see or find their way out of their dilemmas. * Transformational Consultant * Eastern Astrology, * Tarot * Numerology, * Dream Analysis, * Holistic Therapist * Light Energy Worker, * Distance Healing, * Life Coach. * Meditation, * Transformational Consultant * Eastern Astrology, * Tarot * Numerology, * Dream Analysis,


*PhD Metaphysical Science and Counseling, *Ordained Member of Metaphysics Ministry * Esoteric Psychology, * Spiritual and Esoteric Consultations. *Palmistry *Past Life Therapist*